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How do I list Gacha sets on Marketplace?

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Hi there, 

I can't seem to find the answer to this here or on YouTube..

I recently started re-selling my Gacha items on the Marketplace.  I can create a single listing and add inventory, no problem...what I am not sure about is creating a set of Gacha's to list?  

For example:  I have collected the entire Gacha set (either building or clothing ) and would like to list the entire set as one sale....not each item sold separately.  How exactly do I do that? 

I tried to put them in the same folders after I moved them to the Marketplace from my inventory,  but got errors.  Do I need to put them all in a Folder together in my inventory before moving them to Marketplace?  I did a test of this...but both items are in the last folder (stock folder)...it doesn't look any different from the single listed items so I'm not feeling very confident I did it right.  Any help or tips on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.  

Thanks, Deluza

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You need to box all item and put that in a  No copy - TRANSFER box. Typically you would put the vendor photo from that set (Not sure how "legal" this is but most everyone seems to do it) on the outside of the box. All items inside will be transfer and the BOX transfer also.


Once you get your box set then you MOVE it to the MARKETPLACE via  right click in inventory and "Move to Marketplace Listing". From there it is just like any marketplace sale ---  but since it is no copy you only have ONE you can sell.  When it is sold, the listing will be closed. If you have more than one complete set you can put the second set in that same folder (actually you need to do that as gacha items cannot have individual listings (that is covered in Torley's Marketplace videos). 


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