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Tommy Linden

Please Read - Posting a Destination

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A friendly reminder that the intent of the Favorite Destinations forum is not for you to advertise your club, store, rental property, etc. It is to share locations that you enjoy in Second Life. Did you come across a fantastic art piece and sit and stare at it for hours while you contemplate its meaning and the meaning of life itself? Share it here. Did you stumble across a beach where the sun shined so brightly you burned your toes as you ran across it? Share it here. Did you wander into an enchanted forest, and get turned into a frog by an evil witch, only to be eaten by some forest living animal? I would say share it here, but you are inside the stomach of some mythical creature.

Getting the idea? Let's make sure we are using this category appropriately, if you wish to advertise an event or your store, there are classifieds within Second Life where you can do so, here; Second Life Classifieds.

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9 hours ago, VirtuallyChic said:

Lamento no hablar español, pero espero que el destino que publiqué sea de su agrado.



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