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Adoption Agency Needs You!

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Hello my name is Bunny Coeur (crescent666 resident)


i posted a few weeks ago about an adoption agency that me and my business partner are creating and now I’m going to make another post letting you all know that we are going to be taking applications and interviewing people for the “adviser” and “mentor” positions. Below is the positions descriptions and how you can apply: 


mentor: an adult or teen who can be available to hang out at the agency and make sure dress code and conduct is being followed. (Make sure people are wearing decent clothes and make sure no fowl language is being used and that the rules are being followed, also answering any questions about the agency) 


adviser/councilor: an adult who will interview and take patent applications and interview children and take children applications and match them with their perfect fit. This position will be paid eventually but for the first month or so it will be a volunteered position and will not be paid. 


If if anyone is interested please contact one of us and let us know that you want an application and we will pass you the info. Please note, should you get hired you will be required to attend an “orientation” to be taught how to do your job correctly and you will be on a trial period before officially hired on. 


Thanks in advance and we look forward to hearing from you! 


People to contact for info: 

crescent666 résident (owner)

alltaire resident (co-owner)

amberlovingsoul résident (manager) 

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