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Sabine Maruti

Lines not completely rendered

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i have this issue where thin straight or curved lines, such as telephone wire, window dividers are not rendered completely at a distance. Objects like wires strung between telephone poles look like a series of dashes. Window dividers are not all there. If I zoom in the lines look nice and smooth. 

I’ve  had this issue for quite a while, but lately it has started to bother me when taking photos.  I am using the latest version of Friestorm and recently upgraded my computer to an i5 8400/16gb memory/gtx 1060 with 6gb memory. But I had the issue with my older computer too.. I do have a slow internet connection - 7mbs.  I have played with the anti-alias settings in the viewer and the Nvidia control panel along with the ALM setting in the viewer. 

Attached is a snippet showing the partial window panes. Draw distance is set to 1024 and am using the default setting for the card, which is half way between high and ultra resolution.   Any ideas how to fix?

Thanks, Sabine


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I'm pretty sure you will find that this has more to do with how the mesh is created - the detail and qualilty level - than specifically your computer.  Even on a great computer, pieces of items will start disappearing at varying distances.

For pictures, you can minimize this by turning up your LOD setting -- but leaving it turned up is not recommended for overall performance.  Otherwise, all you can do is zoom in closer.

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