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Welcome to NEO Japan.

NEO-JAPAN. A bold, creative and individualistic style that is more of a lifestyle. In essence, boundaries are tested with a clever combination of diverse elements. It is an evolved revolutionary statement, trendsetting with a strong international cultural influence.

The NEO-JAPAN EVENT is a bi-annual event where you can find all kinds of modern and bold creations with the unique flavour of a remix of international cultures with a distinctive Japanese root — clothing, hairs, accessories, poses, …anything and everything that fits the fresh, quirky new lifestyle.


ようこそ! Neo Japan へ!

NEO-JAPAN は大胆で創造的で個性的なsecondlife のファッションスタイルを提案します。
私たちNEO JAPAN イベントは和と洋をミックスさせ、デザインの境界を壊すことに挑戦し、
NEO JAPAN EVENT は1年に2度開催されるイベントで、和を基調とした衣服、髪、アクセサリー、ポーズなどと


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