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I don't get the impression that Syn suggested anything in regard of "you can charge more if you do xyz".

Rather "you have a slightly higher chance of actually getting a tenant".

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5 hours ago, Tourmaline Falken said:

Actually both the pieces advice I've had has been from two established land renters - about starting high and also about waiting and being patient.  I'm not insisting on anything.  I am new to this and appreciate your comments and will change the rental price and maybe other things if it doesn't rent soon.

So do you think if I made it unfurnished I could actually charge more for the rent?  How much?

I am not sure who you asked, but judging by the advise given, they clearly did not want you as their competitor.

Like I said, an unfurnished skybox of the size 512sqm and 175 prims (its the prims that dictate the price as well as the spot the parcel is located at) would rent for a maximum of 150L (I am renting one on the side. Ground Level. Directly next to the ocean. 100L/week). A furnished one would go at 150L max too unless you plop down a house worth 10k on the marketplace with amazing adult furniture. People in SL are creative and if they have the Linden, chances are they'll want to make their home their home. That's not to say there's no people at all who would rent a furnished place. It'd be wise to just put it in the rental description that you're willing to remove the house and furniture upon request and just leave it standing as is for now.

Do a search for mainland rentals of the size you have to see what other people charge, they're your direct competition after all. Always remember, there is more land than renters, it's no longer the good old days. Don't compare your land to private estate rentals and be mindful if someone charges 250L for their lot it might be because it's on the ground, beachside with loads of sims connected for sailing. Or it's in a themed neighbourhood. Your place does not offer that, so it's on the lower end of the rental pricing range. Skybox only land generally is worth less than ground level land.


Edit: To give a little background. While I do not rent out land, I have in the past 11 years (with a half a year break in between) been contineously renting both mainland and private estates. Over a decade worth of being a renter. I have also worked as a sales assistant for a Land Baron a couple years ago. I now own my own 5.6k sqm of mainland.

Land rental is a cutthroat business. If you want renters you'll have to offer competetive rates or a piece of land that makes it unique/special.

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I've always been on the tenant side, so my comments . To make up for that, I'm absolutely pro at shredding someone's illusion of their piece of work. So that's the background for the following comments plus that I cammed into your skybox last night just out of boredom...

Your offer isn't 100% mesh, for a start. Let me just point to the palm trees (which also cut into the front porch roof). Even if, that's not hard to get these days. No idea what what kind of ancient offers you've been looking to compare, but I wouldn't just focus on the most crappy competition, but rather those with that certain "wow!" factor.
The plain ground prim your house is sitting on actually has a certain "ehrrrm" factor, as it looks more like brightly green painted wood than gras, with way too many repeats.

Your furniture is nice, but not particularly outstanding. It's "discounter ware", so to speak, from an InVerse creator. InVerse is known for nice deals on a budget and a somewhat plastic feel appeal. I found it peculiar that most of the objects had no animations of any kind of scripts inside, you might wish to check on that. Your choice of plants, well, plant actually since it's one and the same inside the house, would actually be enough to turn me away, as it's way too pink, too repetitive and doesn't blend in well with the rest of the furniture choices. 
I didn't try, but judging by the look, the bed area seemed pretty challenging to get around, with the ladder right beside it and very little space to walk on. So it's quite likely that the upper level can only be manoeuvred by cam and click. 

InTan is pretty old and sometimes perceived as laggy. Personally, I found the animated spinning ball quite an eyesore.  

Last but not least, I never heard anyone say "I would sooo rent this spot, if only it had a sound sphere, but it hasn't, so I'm moving on.". That's not a selling point. One's own media rights for parcel audio and video is.

Syn makes a smart suggestion in saying that those people who gave you their advice might actually be trying to keep you out as competition. Or they might simply be making fun of you or they actually aren't successful at all and just don't know any better.

Feel free to hate me for these comments, but chances are high that they have more truth to them than those advices by those "land renters".

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And to more thoroughly answer your question on 'how long you should wait to lower price'.

SL Land rental is like renting out a place in real life. You have a place you want to rent out to someone, you would want to rent it out right away, each day you wait is lost profits. That's exactly how any Land Baron thinks. As such, the advise you were given is thoroughly hurtful to you. For goodness sake, you waited long enough and I am glad you asked here about it.. You already missed out on multiple weeks of profit. Do not miss out on any more than that.

No Land Lord in SL big or small would play the waiting game like that and shame on those two who told you to do it that way. It's deliberately harmful advise.

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