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Hello there, I am a very experienced Host, Personal Assistant, and Manager that is looking for work!

 I am online from 7am until 10pm daily, so I am flexible in my work schedule.

Personality wise, I am super friendly, kind, hard-working, reliable, and trustworthy, also I am also a super neat-freak, so I usually have a nice folder for whatever place I work at filled with landmarks and note cards. :)

I have experience working with contest boards, google calendar, google documents, google spreadsheets, I know how to post to SL Event Calendar and how to send notices out to groups.

I will work anywhere, but I prefer places that are already well established.

I work at one place only at a time, so my full attention goes directly to the one place I am working for, and no other places. If you hire me, I will probably be hands down one of the hardest working people on your staff, I don't just say this just to say it, but I will prove it in my actions as well and loyalty to your club or business.

If you are interested or have any questions, just feel free to contact me in world, my display name is Astra Rose, and my username is Astrahlynn resident. 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my post!

- Astra Rose (Astrahlynn)

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Hi, we are looking for people who are hardworking and people friendly for the position of wedding coordinators for Make It Perfect Weddings and Events. Training will be provided upon hire and pay package will be discussed at the time of interview. The job requires dedication and patience. If you are interested, please send a notecard to either me or Stephanie Northman [Owner]. Thanks and Regards.



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