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You Only Live Twice

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Someone apparently wants to see if I can shoot; I've been sent to the range. Either I'm destined for some kind of time travel assignment or MISL's weapons training program is severely underfunded. On the plus side, the Range Mistress seemed very nice.


Can you say, "Blunderbuss?". I think I would have shot a better score but the damn flint fell out haflway through so I had to use my BIC to flash the powder.


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Things have, it seems, been made official. I apparently have been voted upon favorably. I have only one more step; an audience with M. I await an invitation.

I've been summoned. I've been told that M's secretary is really the second-best informed person in the organization; she apparently is really an underpaid deputy, so I'm curious. I find an attractive young blonde who I am almost positive I've seen somewhere before. She obviously knows who I am, and she tells me I'm expected and to knock.

I knock, and on hearing a response, enter M's office. It is not what I expected. The furniture is all of a very high quality but there is really nothing of the trappings of power that one would expect to see in the office of a highly placed official. No lavishness. It is, almost, utilitarian. M sits behind the desk, watching me but not speaking. I take one of the two chairs that face the desk.

Audience with M.jpg

"You asked to see me."

"I did. You've caused a great deal of trouble here, did you know that?"

"That's been made clear to me, yes. I did not seek that trouble; it found me."

"Trouble nonetheless. A cautious person would, I think, have assumed that doorway was not for the general public."

"I've been known to lack caution."

"So it seems. You also lack the ability to accept defeat. In spite of being held with not a shred of hope for escape, you contrived to smuggle a message to...someone."

I look at M steadily but do not speak.


I continue to look.

"You're lucky. You have skills. You have a very strong advocate on our staff. There is a critical need for more  people 'at the sharp end' both here and in other places. Because of that need you are still alive and, to some extent, free. Without that combination you'd be in a cell. Or perhaps a shroud. Do you understand me?"

"I do."

"It's been suggested to you that a position with this firm is available. I am not suggesting—I am telling you that is the case. You have the opportunity to become our agent. You may accept or you may return to your quarters and take your chances. I have gathered from what I've seen and from what I've been told that you have the qualities to become a good agent. You've been compared favorably to some of our best people. Make your decision."

"You've been misinformed."

M's eyebrows rise approximately a millimeter and a half.

"I'm not as good as your best people. I'm better."

M's mouth twitches slightly; with a lot of imagination that could be considered a smile.

"I accept."

"Very well. Welcome. Watch your back."

With that comment the door through which I entered opens, and the blonde gives me a smile as I take my leave.

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Finally, after having spent months of time and countless resources The Other Side has found the Measlies HQ! Dillon, our top TOS agent, took great risk upon herself to go in first, but was wise enough to befriend Q first. Unknowingly, Q has helped us to infiltrate into MISL and now we can start to slowly weaken them from the inside out. M will be watching Dillon closely, so we have decided to send in some gun power. Lillie, posing as an innocent talented live singer, is our best sniper. No doubt she will draw the attention away from Dillon and at the same time allow Dillon to gain trust in the Measlies organisation by giving them the information we want them to have about Lillie. Lillie has reported to have roamed the forgotten city and has found the best possible line of fire into M's office. When the time is right, and if needed, she will behead the MISL with one swift stroke and they won't know what hit them. The Measlies are at their weakest now, most of their agents are focussing on the distractions we have created elsewhere. This will allow us to send in another... me. I do not know what my role in this plan is yet. Everything about this operation has been kept on a need to know basis. I expect the "Go!" from TOS Ops soon which will hopefully unravell some of the details of this plot, shrouded in mystery even for each of us...

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This new intelligence is troubling. Dillon a double agent? I can hardly believe it possible that she would betray friends and allies. Or that M could be so easily duped. I'm holding out hope that there is a reasonable explanation, and that Guido is merely sowing distrust amongst our ranks. And yet how to explain Dillon's discovery of our headquarters and the near simultaneous appearances of Charolotte, Lillie, and Kelinda? Not to mention the leaked video of our complex.It doesn't bode well.

We must gather information on Guido and his motives. And closely watch Dillon. The plot thickens.

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As soon as I leave M's office, the almost forgotten feeling of being truly alone in the world settles on me. I wonder if I've made the right choice, coming back into the cold after so long out. This is a lonely business under the best of circumstances, but a double agent is truly alone. There is only one person I can trust: me.

I had hoped to have more time to surveille the somewhat alarming collection of hot looking women with guns that seems to have blossomed here but I've a mission assignment already. A possible connection. I need to pack my equipment.

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It looks like I stayed at the shooting range a little too long today now it's dark and starting to rain.KeliRain2.JPG
Before this rain flattens out my hair (like that was possible) I am going to try to take shelter in this lovely home. I hope the owner is hospitable.


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Intriguing.. I will have to be more careful sending my reports.. It has been brought to my attention that the renowned Q might have intercepted my last transmission. The game of who gets which intel first has always been a silent and hidden one between MISL and TOS.. *leans back in his office chair and starts to ponder*..TOS4.JPG

Those were the days. Me and Lillie were a great team.. heck, we were the best team of The Overlord Syndicate. Damn Measlies don't even have the courtesy to use their opposing organization with it's true name. Big O, as we call our leader, is passionately dedicated trying to outmanoeuver his once best friend M and his despicable organization.

Me and Lillie were Big O's strike team back then. I remember us plotting the strike against a new MISL stronghold on the Islands.. *stares at the picture on his desk*..The Operation was executed flawlessly, swift and deadly. Lillie took out the guards so I could plant the explosives. We were long gone when the base blew up. *smiles*

Lillie had retired and even though I tried to convince her to take part in the Forgotten City Operation, she refused. I heard she is involved with a gypsy and wants to build a normal life. But because I absolutely needed her deadly skills in the heart of MISL territory I decided to lure her in there.

Lillie has always been too curious for anything mysterious. I knew she could not resist the lucky streak of winning a trip to the Forgotten City. Her TOS instincts not forgotten, she would quickly realize what she gotten herself into and contact me. I just hope she brought her sniper gun. There will be hell to pay when we meet again in the city, because she hates being manipulated into something. But she will also realise MISL's eyes are trained on her allready and she will have to play the game and get me the intel I need...

I wonder who this weapons packed kitty is. She is foolish to show up like that. Organizations like TOS and Measlies don't take the fight into the open. Our battles are fought in silence and stealth. Whoever she is, she's not one of either.

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Some vacation!  I think I've finally gotten myself to a safe spot.  Anyone approaching me here, I will see first.  Not to mention I have a great vantage point of the city from here.  What I truly need is information.  Who are these people, and what's more, why are they following me?  Do they know who I am, and if so how!?  More than anything else, I hate not knowing.


watching 2_001.png

I hate to do it, but I may have to make a phone call.  I only hope that G is willing to help.  It's been awhile.  I reach for my phone but hesitate.  (G would have pointed at one of his silly motivational posters that says "Indecision is the thief of opportunity.")  I lay Bess down delicately and pick up my phone....

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I heard of these names before.  

/me scours through his SLikileaks.com downloads. 

Hmm, Dillon, M, and Quinn.  Guido, Lille, Keli, Wildcat.  I recognize these names.  I read them...

/me fingers through his directories M-I-S-L....ah, here it is.

/me read his notes


/me initiates a PM to Live Report   

Dearest Live.stop

It has been a long time since we last spoke, I hope you are well.stop

Anyway, I discovered the enclosed dispatches; Quinn and M, again.stop

A new recruit Dillon with a couple of other known players as well.stop 

Perhaps you like to do an expose' on them.stop

I'll leave it up to you as you have a good 'nose' for this type of work.stop

Good luck.stop

Uploads to follow.stop

If you choose not to act on this information.stop

I will contact SLCONFIDENTIAL, they pay well.stop

This PM will self destruct in 5-4-3...




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I am disturbed by developments. It appears that TOS may be commiting the fatal mistake of understimating their opponent; if that is true the first fatality is likely to be me. This is not some break-away general with a God complex we're dealing with here. These people wrote the book on espionage. Even in their currently under-staffed condition MISL has resources upon resources, as Quinn so aptly demonstrated by pulling the Guido dossier from the archives. They are well-equipped, they are masterfully led, and they are utterly ruthless.

In addition to being very nearly exposed by the first TOS message interception, I've received another message through a completely unsecured channel. Fortunately I was able to erase all evidence, but this continued sloppy tradecraft does not fill me with confidence. I intend to try to arrange a meet later to see if I can limit the damage.

TOS is in a position to pull of the coup of the century if they can just keep it together—something far in excess of what was looked for when I was given this assignment. My current MISL mission, if it goes well, could provide the means for TOS to deliver a blow that will cripple MISL for years. It will take a few days to come together but I think it worth the wait.

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My treasure hunting expedition cut short by an impromptu meeting, I make my way to the office. We have no time to spare. Reports are being sent out and dispatches are being made, the convergence of various interested parties and organizations have begun. Fortunately, Q has been busy developing the technology Levenque will desperately need should she dare to carry out her assignment. Blunderbuss or not, lets just hope she doesn't drop her Bic when she needs it most.

Miss Caxton




Wildcats entrance does not go unnoticed. In this mechanically automated city, feline efficiency is both recognized and appreciated, especially when said feline saunters in looking like the cats meow. We can only hope that in this case, curiosity does not get the upper paw. The small armada of personal weaponry and skills at shot taking may just be the edge needed in this fast paced game of cat and mouse.

Cats Meow.jpg




The players are arriving and the scenario is developing more or less according to plan. With enough diversions now in place, Agent Levenque can be utilized for the mission she has been selected and trained for. Its times like these, I'm glad she's on our side.

Lost and Found.jpg












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Thanks to a tip-off from SC I am on the trail of a hot story.


My first interview seemed to lead me to believe that there might be an explosion in the works.




When I questioned her “on film” she seemed to forget all about the bomb.




I interviewed one resident of The Forgotten City about the mysterious "M" but she told me she had no idea who "M" was.



You can imagine my shock when I found my two interviews knew each other!


What have I walked into? Who can be trusted? Who is on who's side? My investigation will continue...


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I arranged a meeting tonight through the pre-arranged letter drop. I was hoping to have a full strategy session but G was not there. I did spend some time with his operative, trying to convince her that first: we needed to be much more careful here, and second: it might be  beneficial to have G talk to Big O. This has gone from being a long-shot try at eliminating M to a chance to virtually bring MISL to a standstill. A chance like this may never come again; the top people need to get involved.

I could tell that G's operative and I were on the same page about all of this. I don't know how much of that she will be able to convey to G. I will say that I was very impressed with her dedication to her task and I must admit she's chosen a very good 'roost'. I can only hope that from this point forward a great deal more attention will be paid to secrecy.


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How could I have been so blind!  Fury can't describe what I'm feeling right now.  I made a phone call early in the morning 2 days ago that I'd been dreading.  I did not want to ask him for help after our parting.  G was not happy at all that I'd chosen to depart TOS "before my prime".  So the phone call put me in a position I'm not happy to be in... Begging.

I managed to sputter out the words "G, this is Lillie" *mumbles* "I need your help."  Oooooh he played it up good! 

"Who?  Do I know a Lillie.... Let me think?  No, I can't recall.. OOooh yes!  Now I know!"  I kept my patience and waited for his smugness to settle to it's usual place before explaining the situation to him.  The nerve he has!!   "Oh Lill, tsk tsk, what have you gotten yourself into?  I don't know if I can help you or not.  I don't feel right about using TOS resources to help a fallen angel.  Let me think about it and I'll get back to you."  *click*


the phone call_001.png

The next phone call was even less pleasant. 

I paced atop my perch as I waited for him to answer...

He didn't even wait to hear me speak.

"Lill.. Lill.. Tsss.. Are you losing your edge?.. I would have
thought you would see right through a simple lure like this.. C'mon, a free trip!?.. Guess this gypsy is clouding your sharp eye!.. hehehe *smugs*"

*softly* "Lure?" *louder* "Lure?" *shouts* "Lure!?!  You set me up you son of a...... "  *Low growl,"  I took a deep breath to regain my composure*  "To what end G?  What the hell do you want? Who are these people and what exactly have YOU gotten me into!?    I won't even go into all the rubbish you spewed about trust and faithfulness. BAH!  You better hope, no you better PRAY that I don't lose my temper here." 

*from his end of the line, G hears the sound of my rifle being loaded*


G snickers on the other end. "I hear you brought Bess.. Good!.. You will need her. "Lets cut the BS Lill.. And lets continue with the briefing, shall we?"
I growl, "Just tell me what you want from me, I want to go home." 
Rifle stand_001.png


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[incoming TOS secured channel communication]....

OK, Lill.. I have authorisation to give you some intel. Mind you, it's limited and on a need-to-know basis only. Even I do not know the full picture..

Since you left the organization, much has happened. Our succesfull strike on the MISL base on the Islands did not go unnoticed. You left, I got promoted to Chief Strike Team. Dillon has taken my place as Strike Agent on site, and for this operation we absolutely needed your.. erhm.. deadly talents.

You, my friend, are now standing in the middle of MISL's HQ site! Yes ma'am! TOS Intelligence has finally found them! We sent in Dillon first, but she was captured and now she is playing for both teams. This presents a once chance only opportunity to hit them from within. TOS Ops has conjured up a Plan of a magnitude you cannot fathom. We have drone TOS missions going on over all of SL keeping MISL agents busy, so the place is virtually empty.

The Man himself, Big O, is leading this operation and he spares no resource to finally decapitate MISL. We have intel that both M ànd Q are in the Forgotten City! Do NOT underestimate them! We will have to move cautiously. I will be joining both you and Dillon to brief details. I should be getting strike mission details approved by Big O soon. Join me in the city's Bubble:


I'm sure you will find it. Enter through the underwater entrance. Now all that scooba training pays off, eh? If her measly tasks permit, Dillon will be joining us too.

[TOS secured channel communication closing]....

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I had an unsettling encounter with a reporter last night. Fortunately I spotted her on MISL radar long before she made contact with me, giving me time to dust off our cover story should she start asking questions.


When she finally ambushed me, I was tinkering calmly and innocently at my decoy workbench.


It's a good thing I was prepared, because this nosy reporter did, indeed, ask all the wrong questions.

[2011/05/04 19:50]  LiveReport Resident: Hi what do you know about the spy network on this sim?

She seems to have insider information, quoting directly from TOS intelligence obtained by MISL.

[2011/05/04 20:18]  Quinn Morani: So what kind of information are you looking for?
[2011/05/04 20:19]  LiveReport Resident: Names places times. Who is building the bomb?
[2011/05/04 20:19]  Quinn Morani: There's a BOMB????
[2011/05/04 20:19]  Quinn Morani: Where are you getting this information?
[2011/05/04 20:21]  LiveReport Resident: Dillon: "Quote"  My current MISL mission, if it goes well, could provide the means for TOS to deliver a blow that will cripple MISL for years
[2011/05/04 20:21]  LiveReport Resident: blow=bomb
[2011/05/04 20:22]  Quinn Morani: That's a tenuous interpretation, at best.
[2011/05/04 20:24]  LiveReport Resident: It has happen in the past: Lillie: "Quote" Lillie took out the guards so I could plant the explosives. We were long gone when the base blew up. *smiles*

Who is this reporter, and who are her sources?


My responses seemed to satisfy her line of questioning, at least temporarily. But I can't be sure that she really bought my claims of a toy factory and arcade games. I'm just glad I had time to hide the weaponry associated with the "shooting gallery" before she arrived.


Until now the "toy factory" has served well to disguise the truth of our weapons production facility, but there have been too many close calls recently. It may be time to relocate this operation to an undisclosed location. But where? There is so much space in this MISL complex that even I haven't been in every nook and cranny. Yet.

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TOS is growing cleverer. They have moved their communications to a secured transmission channel and adopted more sophisticated encryption techniques. This has made their messages more difficult to intercept and decipher, but it is only a small speed bump in our intelligence gathering efforts. MISL has expert hacker and cryptanalyst teams who are highly skilled in circumventing security and cracking codes. With their help, I am confident we'll soon resume our flow of information. I'll let them handle that job.

Meanwhile, I return my focus to a more immediate task at hand: preparing transportation for Dillon and other MISL operatives, should they need it for their mission.


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I had a talk with Stormy this afternoon about the relocation procedures and the transportation logistics. If anyone knows this place well, it's S.





Now that we have pigeons on our roosts, perhaps it would be best if we didn't walk outdoors without adequate protection. I'll have to see if I can rouse the armorer.


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It seems the opening salvo in the showdown between MISL and TOS has been fired. But who struck at whom? I have my suspicions, but the walls have grown ears here. I can say no more. No doubt that reporter will be here nosing around soon, asking too many questions about how the fire started and who is inside that building.


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Did not someone write that no plan survives contact with the enemy?

My plan certainly did not. In response to the apparent TOS attack upon an uninabited dwelling that had been reported as being M's residence I asked for a retaliatory strike upon the undersea bubble, which I knew to be TOS's rallying point. I made two mistakes, both of which may cost lives. My first mistake was in not realizing I was being tested for reliability---the 'bubble' hideout was a ruse, deliberately planted by G to see if I'd take the bait. I did. I was so enraged by a personal attack on M that I lost my concentration.

My second mistake was contacting TOS's sniper, with whom I'd come to feel a bond. I'd established a secret means of communication with her after our earlier meeting; I used it to advise her to leave and/or avoid the bubble. It seems G suspected her as well and tried to lure her to the bubble; after the raid he was almost certain she'd been warned off, and she of course had not warned him, compounding the guilt.

As a result, we are now both on the run. I'm probably a shoot-to-kill target for the TOS and there are many in MISL who aren't certain of my allegiance and would be in favor of the 'simple' method of working that out. The sniper—Lillie is her name—is probably targeted by both TOS and MISL.

We are both about as out in the cold as it is possible to be.

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Good evening Dwellers we interrupt your normally scheduled derailment with this Breaking News Story:
At least 2 people were killed in a powerful explosion in The Forgotten City today.
An eye witness is saying it was a terrorist bombing. The dinnertime blast in the northwest corner of the sim ripped through a townhouse in the main square. The force of the explosion sent debris to the sim boarder. The last two people seen inside the building were known only as K and M. It appears someone is trying to eliminate residents of this city, even I was the victim of sabotage. My News Van had the battery stolen out of it making me late to this news story. When I arrived I found the door open suggesting that someone has tampered with evidence. It is unclear if other people could have been inside. Stay turn to this thread for more important information as it comes available.


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By now MISL will be hitting as many of the TOS targets I'd identified as possible; now that I've been burned TOS will be doing their best to close things down and limit the damage. We won't do as well as I'd hoped; the plan was to catch them completely flat-footed. At least the counterstrikes will slow down their attempts to attack HQ.

We made our way to La Citta' Perduta. I used to know our head man here but apparently he was reassigned during the years I was infiltrating TOS. I don't know the new guy so I just requested some assistance and kept moving. I did take a quick look at the TOS compound (I did some of my training there) and it's a smoking ruin so at least we're hitting back.

I contacted an 'exporter' I'd done business with in my prior MISL life. He has a few not quite rusted through freighters; I was hoping to catch a quiet ride on one. I remembered he had a thing for girls with guns so I brought Lillie along. I thought the old goat was going to hyperventilate when she 'decided' to field strip the rifle on his desk. She kept him so distracted all he could do was nod at my requests.



As a result we're hired on as 'Pirate Suppression'. He agreed to not list us on the manifest. Also, the freighter is going nowhere near its registered destination (typical for this guy) so even if we are traced it will take time to find us. I'm glad to be moving; this place always did bother me. It's even stranger than the Forgotten City.

La Citta' Perduta

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MISL Communique

From: Chief of Station La Citta' Perduta
To: M
Status: Eyes Only

Message Follows

 Pink contacted station. Believes O personnel are in pursuit. Requests contact from HQ on personal  communicaton link. Pink is in company of possible asset. Both were provided necessary resupply by station   but refused to come in. Present whereabouts unknown; believed aboard outbound ship.

Message Ends

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