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Jeny Howlett

Secondlife 15th anniversary and CEO's letter

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As if any US party wasn't right wing xD

Now back to topic.

If you manage to get this thread closed you have successfully found a way to weaponize politictal propaganda, congrats, Phorumities - I really hope the mods won't fall for your cheap trick. Deliberatley attacking threads with alt-right propaganda just to shut them down is disturbing behaviour you do for the sake of disturbing alone... and I guess reportable, ... so thank you ;)

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On 3/21/2018 at 1:50 PM, Parhelion Palou said:

LL has to get more revenue in other areas in order to bring down land prices. My suggestion: Offer a service that guarantees you'll be one of the first people to get into any event. Charge $20 (U.S.) per month for the service. Some people will go for it.

As for a grid-wide game: LL could enable damage on all of mainland, then set the regions to gradually lose resources (total LI, script time, etc.) and the color in the land textures. People who own land on a region would have to defeat another region in battle to replenish their resources. Regions that do really well in battle could get extra LI. LL could call it Mad Max Madlands. So it's not grid-wide, but it would be fun. (Especially for Premiums who have no interest in Mainland ownership.) People could pay LL a fee to be able to observe without taking damage.

NOOOOO!!!!  I'm not about to go to war to preserve my region from LL's depredations.  Bad, bad, bad idea Par.

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