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250L$ for 500 LI / 500L$ for 1000 LI / Skybox ok/ Sailable

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Look at that pretty farming village, surrounded by two canals, only reachable by boats and aircrafts. 
Excellent place to setup your military outpost, secret hideout for caped villains, or simply having breedables on the ground, at the following rates
L$150 / 200LI
L$250 / 500LI
L$350/ 700 LI
Higher rates are possible please enquire iamyourneighbour

Upcoming airport and waterway link with Applewood city

Visit today and craft your perfect hideout - cheaper than owning!


Military themed setup, tents, bunker, smuggler docks etc can acquire free residency of 50LI. 
Beyond 50 LI is subject to approval.

Those conditions apply to free residents only. Paid residents are not bound by setup type restrictions.

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