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Hi been on SL for years,  sometimes on my Laptop sometime on my bedroom PC. 

I've  rebuilt my main PC. Now I'm having problems and SL crashes after a few minutes. If I stay still, I last longer. 

Preferences set to recommended or lower.

PC   =   

Win10 (64)   

6 core AMD FX-6300/ 

Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 R2 (Socket M2) MB/ 

8G DDR3 memory /

NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (4G) graphics card

I thought upgrading would make SL better for me...in fact its made it worse.

I'm using latest SL download and latest Graphics drivers (from Nvidea) 

Again I log in and ok for few minutes ( 2 or 3) then SL freezes or crashes.

Any help gladly accepted.

Sire Anthony

Ps. Just a point. its not a broadband problem. My laptop and other Pc still run SL

even with 2 screens. 


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Get the free tool CPUID HDMonitor. Check what your computer is doing and the temperatures.

NVIDIA GT's are not that great, but it shouldn't be crashing.

Look in the SL log files and see if you can find the cause of the crash. See 

for how to instructions.


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You upgraded to that old crap, quite likely used hardware? My condolence, a current generation Ryzen 3 2200G and its integrated graphics would outperform that setup for a fair price.

Is SL the only graphic intense application causing trouble? What kind of crash message prompt do you get?
Did you install all drivers?

My suspicion is that the poor GT 730 might overheat.


And out of curiosity: what are the specs of your other system?

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