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Singularity viewer - avatar complexity


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On 18 March 2018 at 7:11 AM, XJoeMandelX said:

Hey people, who bare the knowlege of SL backstage, does anyone know how to find out one´s avatar complexity on Singularity viewer? yes i´m using Singularity viewer cuz my pc is potato old build.

Thanks everyone for early answer :)

Basically, you don't.

Dr. Singularity's Frankenviewer has two main versions in use...

64 Bit alpha, that was more or less obsolete the day it was released, but which more or less supports bento.

32 Official release, no bento, utterly worthless.

As far as running a "potatoe build" pc goes, I'd bet money your pc is faster than mine and I run Catznip... Get a modern viewer, and forget the poorly reanimated rotting corpse of viewer 1. 

Menu-wise, it's time to say goodbye to Pie...

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