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Trying to buy parcel of Mainland RESOLVED

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So I'm trying to purchase a parcel of land that I've found.  It's very weird but I'm wondering if there is a server or region issue at the moment.  When I click on the land and select "buy", it says that everythings good re: tier, L$ etc, I click on the purchase button - then it double checks that I want to pay the amount to the owner of the land, I confirm that I do... and... nothing.  No money is taken from me, no kerching sound, no purchased land, nothing.  It on the " Second Life RC LeTigre" server.  Tried it on SL Viewer and Firestorm just in case that made a difference.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT - It must have been a region issue, that's all I can think of - it's resolved itself now and I own the parcel. 

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