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Bellshore Community School Recruiting!

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Bellshore Community School (BCS), located in the small but well populated family roleplay sim of Bellshore, is close to completion and is now actively seeking teachers and non teaching staff. We currently have a Principal (myself), a Vice Prinicipal, and two other teachers with room for promotions and more responsibilities if desired. As an Elementary school, we aim to educate children aged  2-4 (Pre-K) and 5-12 (Elementary) both in the US and in Europe, as well as offering extracurricular activities in the form of clubs, of which we already have two (Dance and Scripting). 

The school is completely free to attend. 

  • We are actively seeking more teachers who can teach in either US or European time zones. 
  • We are interested in recruiting people who can run clubs. 
  • We need support staff in the forms  bus drivers, lunch time organisers / chef. 

If you're interested feel free to visit the school located in Bellshore, reply here or IM me in game (brodiak90).

Any questions just ask. 

Thank you,

Ethan Kingston.

Bellshore Community School.



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