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I have been researching support for workstation graphics cards, but I see limited information about them. Can the Firepro (2016) series work: WX 5100, 7100, 9100, and Firepro SSG? If so how would they perform compared to the Vega frontier or the Vega 64? I need something primarily for content creation, finding that the w5100 according to benchmarks outperforms the GTX 1080 TI with this specific video editing work-load, However, I would hate to buy a workstation graphic card if I will be losing performance with Second-Life. My motherboard only has 1 graphics card slot and the hardware is more optimized for AMD graphics. I would like to at-least get 60FPS in 1080p Ultra if I can. Will the WX 7100 or the WX 9100 work, Or should I wait until AMD Radeon Navi is released possibly in August?

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Errr... I wouldn't even dream of comparing a workstation solution to a gaming one. 
Vega has a lot of potential, but it seems to take a ton of manual fiddling to unleash it. Is that something that you like to do?  

I have no idea what might be better for your video editing needs, that's totally not my cup of tea. But generally, especially if you do that editing for a living, I'd lean towards two separate systems.
What other hardware do you got? What do you mean with "optimized towards AMD"? 

Actually, I boldly claim that a GTX 1050ti can deliver 60fps in 1080p on modded Ultra settings (reduced draw distance, for example) most of the time. Do keep in mind that SL is no (more or less) polished game engine. You'll come across a ton of unoptimized user content that will drag performance down, inevitably.   

Also keep in mind that you can store your own graphic presets to quickly switch them via a dropdown menu, so you aren't limited to the preconfigured settings in the graphics menu.   

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Vega is going to be a terrible option, it was half baked and the workstation drivers are garbage. Vega Frontier has like 3 use cases where its better than even a 1070 for workstation loads.

56 and 64 arent much better

Anything more than a 1050 can probably get you 1080p ultra at decent framerates.

My roommate uses two Firepro W9100's and has a S9300x2 as a render compute card, shes putting triple digits in pretty much anything anywhere in SL at 1440p maxed with just one W9100 being used. If youre down for spending 1800 dollars on a GPU, the WX9100 would be a good choice. However unless youre doing the kind of work that really does need a card like that (she does CNC simulation), then you're better off with something like with 5100, its going to still give you pretty good performance for your workstation needs and hold its own in 1080p gaming.

Workstation hardware actually tends to perform better than consumer stuff for SL. Because SL Is a giant unoptimized mess and its laid out more like a 3D workspace than a polished game, stuff like Firepro/Quadro cards with their workstation drivers can do better than their consumer performance tier counterpart. For example i have two Quadro FX 4600's (though SL doesnt utilized SLI), considered to be the workstation version of the 8800 GTX. The quadro gest me significantly better framerates than the 8800 GTX i borrowed from a friend. We tried this with newer hardware as well, a Quadro 5000 vs a GTX 580, where the 5000 blew the 580 away  in SL by about 20fps on average.


-no vega because vega sucks for workstation stuff

-you dont need high end stuff to run SL

-best bet is probably the 5100, or 7100 if you want to drop more money on it

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In August 2018, I needed a laptop for college to do film production, so I decided to go with a GTX 1070 Max Q under $2,000 on sale instead of upgrading my desktop. In second life, some of the places I seem to get a stable 60fps; then, there are other places my laptop fails to give me 30fps.

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