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Hi so i have few questions i have heard about sl actors and actress, singers so i am wondering how does this work and is something i like to look into as for other jobs in sl i would like to try it out too i mean i dont want to keep buying l$ i am sure lots of you understand so yeah so anyone willing give me information about the jobs and more so ones i asked about. I have done modeling in past with a different account but thats a long time ago so others words kinda starting over with this account. Yes i did deleted my old account  my old account had many things attached so fresh start. I am re posting one seems like people tried to contact me inworld and my messages got capped so in this case send a notecard so i get your message and wells pretty much why i am re posting. So please do this if you want to directly send me a message. 

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Click It Photography is NOW HIRING!
for Sales Reps & Photographers

- Actively logs in
- Has a Google account
- Willing to use Gyazo
- Has a sense of humor
- Committed
- Has or is willing to get a Discord
- Enjoys coffee (Decaf lovers be gone)
- Attention to detail 
- Older than 30 days (unless an alt, which will require verification)

- Uses Adobe Photoshop
- Willing to work exclusively for Click It Photography
- Has a Flickr
- Previous Experience with SL Photography

Sales Reps
- Social and energetic
- Service based attitude 
- Able to greet guests and book shoots
- Familiarity with Flickr and SL Photography
- Able to work at least 6 hours per week
- Willing to take part in advertisement

Photographers receive 80% commission plus tips
Sales Reps receive 10% commission plus tips. Sales reps also have the opportunity to receive free photos.

Application: https://goo.gl/forms/YrOFryY69YJ5uESF2

 Accepted applicants will be notified within 7 days of their application to move forward with the process. Photographers will be asked to edit a photo prior to an interview.  

Visit Us In World:

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