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Cliffside Lookout - 512m sq Developed Parcel for Sale $2450

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Almost hate to give this one up - Cliffside Lookout for sale. Lovely waterview. Perfect getaway. 512m sq parcel. Why have a LL home when you premium members can live here for no tier? Includes all landscaping and house. Protected land behind house has the old Route 11 on Corsica trail providing hours of exploration. Abandoned land on side and front means you can walk right to the water and if you have a jet ski or board that is add/wear (not rez) you can enjoy some seaside surfing. Current landscape and house uses 60 prims leaving 115 available for your personal touches or you can delete it all and landscape/deco as you like. Words can't express it - you must come by and see it with the wonderful view. Asking $2450.






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SOLD!  *giggle*  Sweet location by a Linden mountain, Scenic Route 11, A rez zone near Linden water, and the Temple of the Prim.  Plus a free house.  Thanks.

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