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Rosalyn Macarthur

Wedding Photographers Needed

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                                                                                                     ,.-~*'¨¯¨'*·~-.¸-(_ Welcome to Serendipity Weddings _)-,.-~*'¨¯¨'*·~-.¸


We are looking for some talented photographers to join our established team. To be successful in this role you must:

*Have a sense of humor - we like a laugh and tend to make weddings fun for staff and guests alike

*Have an established, well organised Flickr with evidence of wedding experience

*Have poses that are appropriate for weddings, kids and couples to use

*Will accept constructive feedback from management and work with couples to ensure highest standards of photos

*Great customer service!!

We pay per edited photo per wedding and offer an excellent place to work alongside. Why not come chat with us to see where you may fit?

Contact Rosalyn Macarthur or apply via: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkuP7BaEBAA9M4UvLPpFyH3ULe4YQP_B2LVw1SkLt-e7UQGw/viewform



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