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hidden Loon

Weapons builder looking for work

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I am currently looking to make all manner of weapons for any combat system or roleplay (or even if you need someone to be a business partner). I have some degree of knowledge on scripting but would rather just supply models. Pay can be discussed as we talk further about what you are looking for and such. I am also capable of making "spells" (although the previous roleplay I came from called them jutsus). I can show those in person.

Some examples:




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There is only three combat systems really that are being used. ZCS ((Zone Combat System)) and WWM (Wild West Meter) ((You have to make your own scripts for these meters. Contact the creators for weapon guides)) Then there is Unity Maxim, where scripts you can buy with in the store. Out of all three, I'd say ZCS is the combat system heavily used, however it is over saturated with creators already. I'd love to see a urban meter happen... but I havnt really found one that's good. DCS2, & Vice are dead. XCS and OWMS seem to be a legit rip off of the CCS meter using a horrid scam lvling system where you'll want to leave your computer on 24/7 on that sim. Anyway, I hope that helps.

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