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What are you listening right know.

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After seeing the Orianthi video it got me to thinking about my other favorites,the ones that just give me chills or have me immersed when I hear them play..In no particular order,because they are in my faves..hehehehe

I get chills every time I hear Nancy Wilson when she does Crazy on you live..When she pauses and then breaks into it..she has me immerssed and then come the chills when she takes off..

When their lead guitarist left the band,she took that spot and they never looked back..She knocked the door down when she came through it..

She just looks and moves like she was born with a guitar in her hands.

Marissa Paternoster when they did this cover with Garbage..her voice was amazing and when she gets going on the guitar,it just gives me chills..

I just wish they would have kept the camera on her more,because seeing it happen is half the blast.


Keeping the beat I would have to go with Jen Ledger from Skillet..

She's just awesome on the drums and can sing too..


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4 hours ago, Clover Jinx said:

Ok I'll play (yes I know it's a bass, but it's Gail Ann freaking Dorsey)

I loved that, Clover. A bass guitar is still a guitar, just missing some strings. This is a real bass, and it's played by Esperanza freakin' Spaulding...


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Rhonda,again Thank you for posting the Orianthi video..I know I may be overdoing it by saying it again,but for me that is a great time in history of music for me..I kind of strayed from it  for a little while,but you jarred my memory and it's all i've been listening to lately just catching up with what's she's been doing..

Seeing all the greats talking about her and the hearing her play,that was just so inspiring..Her getting up there and more than backing up their words..That was mind blowing moments that do give me chills for real..

Music is a lot of things and it does so many things  to humans..it can change the kind of day you are having in just one song..one song can pull a whole days stress right out of you..

It can creep up on you and take you from bored to excited just in a single part of a song..Music heals broken hearts as well as can break them..

It calms the savage beast in us as well as brings it out at time..Music is one of those things that lands in the area of love and hate..There is something in us that when the right things get put together in music and a song that the world and our brain get disconnected from each other the music takes control..

just like when you start swaying or bobbing or dancing and not realizing  that it's happening..It's a meditative state..like making love.

I couldn't imagine a world without music. When i hear someone  so good so young that all the greats want to get in there with and play with and help mentor..That's a special time in music history..

I hunted down her first tv appearance where she does a little tribute to Santana..He's the reason she went to electric guitar from acoustic and classical..

ok enough of my rambling on and probably coming off corny.. Music  a lot of the time just has me speaking from the heart..

Here is her first tv appearance and one of my favorite videos where they were making the stairways to heaven..even that video they gave her whole solo rather than cutting it short and people knowing her playing but not her name..That's just when you know they are great..


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I love this song. Nothing even close to technically exquisite about it, but there is so much history. Bo Diddley wrote it. These guys covered it on their debut album (and many big names have covered it as well). Buddy Holly pretty much gleeped it whole for "Not Fade Away". And so on.

The first room I finished in my SL cottage is the front porch, so I can sit out there. You know. Just in case.


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