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What are you listening right know.

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This video just really sent to me how fortunate I am in this crazy world..Horses are my passion and I can never see that changing..This video just really captures a lot of that and just felt like sharing and expressing it a little bit.. Sometimes I just have to say it because they are just so beautiful in so many ways.

I love a lot of different types of riding with my horses,I wish I could ride them everywhere and have them go with me everywhere..For me,there is nothing more beautiful to me than my children and my horses..

Sometimes we'll do some barrel runs or some jumping or some climbing or trail rides that take a week long or more..Sometimes we'll just do what they want to do..

Hang out at the creek or under an apple tree in the shade..

The best riding for me is ,no tack..Just you and the horse.. It's as close to running with the band as you can get,I think,other than actually becoming a horse..

I don't know if anyone else here has horses or not..But if you do,you probably know that bond  I'm getting at..

The bond where if you fall off and the horse keeps going or if they stop and walk back to you,then give you that nudge to shake it off and get back on..

Some people may go to a bar or to a gym or to a friends house,when they feel like getting away from the people in their face or the world closing in too much on them ..

I just tell whoever it is at the time,I'm going down the road.. It's amazing how horses just pick up on things like that and know what kind of day you are having..


I could go on forever just talking about them..But I think I'm just gonna head down the road for a bit instead..

Sorry if I got too gabby,but couldn't help myself..

You all have a great day :)


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I just listened to an interview with a couple rodeo riders on NPR. While I'm not in the least familiar with the sport of barrel racing, I understand the bond they described with their horses and the video you linked sure makes it seem like they're racing as one.

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1 hour ago, kershe said:


I really like his music..

I looked him up a few years back because someone posted a video of his..It may have been here or it may have been in another forum,I forget..

It's ended up that my father has an album of his on vinyl.. I remember listening to this and recognizing it from a classic rock station..

It's so easy to get lost in this one..I really like Peter Frampton..

I would post the live one where you can see him playing it,but it's almost 30 minutes long..

This is one of my favorites of his,that I know about anyways..



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