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What are you listening right know.

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On 9/20/2019 at 6:28 PM, Ceka Cianci said:

I seen this yesterday on youtube and just think this song fits so well with the video..

Maybe it's her will to survive and the words to the song that make it so good together..but I think even though it's a movie about a shark attack,the scenery is beautiful and the editing to make it grow more and more exciting the more that gets thrown at her..

I don't know ,it just all felt really well meshed I guess..


If I hear songs like this I always think about this


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 Cadillac records was on the other day.. In it, Beyonce plays the great Etta James..

If you enjoy Blues and soul and haven't seen it yet..It's a really good movie..

Beyonce  does Etta James so well..


Etta James


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