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Hello residents,

I am starting this topic because I do not where to start. I would like to become a second life designer for clothes and lingerie.
The fact is that I do not know where to start. I have reached out to some fashion designers but... too bad.

Is there someone who can tell me if Marvelous designer is a good program to start with? I do have the knowledge of different patterns and stuff.
I have read many blogs and most of them say that Blender is the thing for a starter. Blender is not really my thing. Very complicated, as far as my opinion.

I have been offline for a long time because of real life problems. Second Life has changed a lot. I see many different types of bodies and heads. How do you create clothes for all those different bodies? I really do not know where to start this journey... But I really am ready to start the journey.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Kind regards!


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oh wow where to start lol...  

Well if you are going to make non mesh that is system clothing, you do so much the same as it has always been in SL,  if you were here before then I expect you know how to do that.  But you will need to visit the main mesh body makers and get kits to be able to make appliers for system clothing for each specific mesh body.  

If you are planning on making mesh clothing, you will need to do one of two things.. either make your own mesh using Blender and Avstar, or another good 3D program that allows you to save all the maps and rig the clothing as well as save to the required .dae format.  OR you can purchase full perm ready made templates on MP  and as long as you follow the creators TOS, you can create your own textures for these templates in photoshop or any other graphics editing program that works for you.  

The method you decide to use, and the programs you want to use to create can vary from free to very pricey.. depends what you want.  Many of the top creators use Maya to design in 3D,  Blender is popular cause it is free, but personally I find it confusing;  Avstar is a plug in you can get for Blender specifically for doing clothing for mesh bodies. I don't know much about Marvelous designer,  I know it works for LL's Sansar but not sure about SL.

And finally to make any sort of mesh for mesh bodies the mesh needs to be rigged and fitted properly for each type of mesh body, which means getting developer kits from each of the mesh body makers you plan to include.  The developer kits vary in info and helpfulness .. one is very good and even provides a video.. all should give weights etc.  to rig and fit properly.

Bottom line, this is a huge undertaking, a lot of learning and you may have to spend some money.

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It may help to collect RL lingerie, to  help bring an authentic experience of lingerie to SL:

- Touch real lingerie, experience the softness, silkiness, rub it against your cheek, touch your lips to it..

- Smell real lingerie, new, used, clean and dirty - how does that smell make you feel? Does it inspire you, disgust you, *r**s* you?

- Try on real lingerie yourself - get in touch with your feminine side - does it make you feel s*x*? Dirty? Vulnerable?

- While you are experiencing real lingerie, think about what happens to lingerie that is worn, used loved - tear it! Soil it! Trample it under your feet in the dirt!

- Take all of the experiences you have with real lingerie, and use that when designing lingerie for SL - your customers will see the difference! Especially if you sell something unusual like dirty, soiled, torn lingerie that is otherwise beautiful and seems like it would be silky smooth, diaphanous to the touch..


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lol i approve of rolling in pants all day long, especially after washing because of that fresh laundry smell. but that distracts from designing ones for sl so...

as tazzie said - you're gonna still have to deal with maya or blender. people go for 'em as both have a tool mentioned above - avastar. it's a plugin that helps ya rig things you make; without plopping those pants onto skeleton properly, they are as stiff as a board and just like old attachment prims. 

marvelous designer is actually okay for sl and ya can yank a dev kit or avastar skeleton to import there which lets you fit clothes better. it has few issues though - mind your mesh complexity as marvelous designer likes to add unnecessary faces and vertices. when done with model just export it as .fbx or .dae or whatever maya uses (i use blender) and go to your 3d program of choice to rig. 

that's still loads to learn and adapt to. sooo... most bodies have clothing layers like system bodies did and you can make appliers for them. omega is most universal injector and you just work as in pre-sculptie era. when ready with your pants layer run to buy omega dev kit and follow instructions. 

good luck with all :>

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 959 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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