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Random Sixpence

Tara's Creations is Seeking a Gr8, Savvy Representative

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Before you ask this is a PAID position.

Tara's Creations is a huge design house which has been in SL for years (previously under  the name of TNC - Totally Naughty Clothes). To give you an idea on the size the MP has over 6500 items listed.

What your qualifications should be:
★ Fashion Savvy
★ Understand Mesh & Classic Clothing (including appliers)
★ Have contacts in the Blogging and Group industry of SL
★ Understand Marketing & PR in SL
★ At least 2 years in SL (that is the absolute minimum)
★ Creative thinking out of the box for PR & Marketing

What you need for this job:
★ Responsibility
★ Keep to a time schedule  you will decide
★ Most of the time you will not be expected to be in the store unless someone asks for help (which these days in SL is very rare)
★You will be expected to be dressed head to toe in Tara's Creations clothing, boots and hair etc. and able to visit places and spread the word about the clothing and hair. (Of course all clothing for you is free)
★ To have a well proportioned Avatar which is pure feminine. (No 8 foot tall women, or those who insist on having huge boobs or big asses.)
★ You will be of the female gender. These are women's clothing.
★ You will understand the Classic market as well.
★ A big plus is that you understand scripted objects (though no need to script yourself).

What You Will Help With:

★ Tara's Creations is a proud sponsor at RFL. Usually an entire Sim. I also participate in other fairs etc. All of which are either charities I believe in, or fairs which are important for Marketing on sales. These take time to prepare and you will be expected to help during the fair times.

You Will NOT BE:
★ a Drama Queen
★ A model looking to model my creations for the posters and vendors. Ty, but I do not need it.

What you will get:
★ A Salary
★ All Clothing is free of course

Feel Free To Visit the MP & InWorld Store To see for yourself.

Tara's Creations @ MP 

Tara's Creations InWorld Store

If you think you answer all the above, and are interested, please contact me via IM or NC. I am currently looking for one person, but that may grow. (TNC - Totally Naughty Clothes had a huge staff).

Send an IM to Tara (SL NAME: Random Sixpence) or a notecard which is preferable telling me your background in SL and why you would want this job. Be straight and honest.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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