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M4M Seeking LTR Boyfriend

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Hello I am Traven Bigstone , I have been wandering around the realms of SL for awhile now and recently I have been lacking something here ...or should I say someone , SL club bunnies are fun but at the end of the day , you log out alone and come back to an empty home the next day ...

About me:

  • I am a gay male , mid 30's from Canada  , First nation Metis ( in both worlds )
  • I am an avid role player and live and work in a urban role play community
  • My time zone is MST , so I am +1 SLT ... easy to figure out my times
  • I have a mesh avatar (Jomo) boyishly handsome and dressed for his RP age of 27
  • I enjoy sailing , flying and have my own little business on the mainland offering tours
  • I am interested in family + children RP ( just not zooby kids , they freak me out )

 What I am looking for:

  • Gay male , ideally within my time zone
  • Age range is open but ideally under 35
  • Single in both realms would be a plus , I can't dictate your RL but would be nice to someones special exclusive for awhile
  • Good looking mesh Avatar , know how to use a AO ... if you look newbie and have that typing AO going , see ya lol
  • Enjoy living in a community based town setting


message me inworld for best response as I seldom get into the forums


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