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Heath Pevensey

1536sqm parcel, route 7 protected waterway

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1536 sqm parcel, 527 prims on the beautiful Gaeta V continent. Parcel borders route 7 protected sailable waterfront, with sailable ocean access all the way to the Nautilus and the Blake Sea and beyond! route 7 rez zone nearby as well. If you like driving and sailing, route 7 becomes road and water at different points, making it a perfect vehicle lovers area!

2 small extra prim parcels, 256sqm and 64sqm, will be given with this purchase as long as they don't sell on their own for added prims!

parcel is set for sale to anyone at 22000L, objects not included in sale.

visit the parcel: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunspiral/159/160/21

for questions contact Heath Pevensey








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