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Hello everyone, I'm sure this has been answered but I searched and really couldn't find what I'm hoping for... so I apologize in advance if it's a redundant question!

I'm looking for a good way to create seamless textures for the SL av by painting directly onto the model and then exporting the textures.  I'm trying to create tattoos that go seamlessly from upper body to lower body, wrap around the arms, etc.

I have Photoshop CS6 Extended and imported the default SL av model with Robin Wood templates into Photoshop and began painting on the model but the painting isn't wrapping correctly around the legs, waist, arms, etc... it gets weirdly warped.  After a while the more I paint the blurrier and more distorted the textures get, too.  This is really frustrating and I can't do any fine details on the textures because they turn out blurry.  I'm a super noob when it comes to all of this so I don't know if I'm missing a setting or doing something wrong...

Here is an example image of me just painting a squiggle on the 3D avatar in Photoshop, and even just that simple fat line got distorted... y3jtfpS.jpg

Could anyone offer some tips please?  I'm also willing to try out some other programs if Photoshop isn't ideal for this type of thing.  


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What you're describing looks like the mapping issues the default avatar has. All the shells were created using planar mapping, which means a orthographic view of the object from a straight angle (top, front, etc). This method makes UV creation pretty easy, but it comes with a cost for rounded shapes, which get the UVs for the facing away faces squashed, generating the texture stretching you've been experiencing. Things are quite better if you're working on mesh bodies.

You can try out other softwares, which might or might not do a sensibly better job. I can name Autodesk Mudbox for one, i'm sure others will add their own :)

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