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雅房出租 / 中文可通 Luxury neighbourhood at budget price, 150 a week cheaper than owning! Rent-share with friends possible

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APPLEWOOD CITY // 100L$ a week for 150 prims + 1 FREE week!

150 prim allowance + 1 free week on initial rental at controlled neighbourhood. 9 Units available with future plan for additional mansions overlooking protected sea.
Please check the mailbox on the units for info. Prim allowance can be increased .

Features parking, free water, free electricity, 24/7 air-conditioning and free lawn care.

The rental system used allows multiple tenants under one rental, share rent with a friend and reduce the cost even further!
VISIT TODAY! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black Drake/193/233/53


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Now you get a 0.75 L to 1 prim if you make your deposit before 15 Mar! 
Rental period will be adjusted after payment. It means you pay just 100 a week with 150 prim allowance!

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