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Linden Labs, Will You Ever Create A Mobile Phone App For Secondlife?

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2 minutes ago, Prokofy Neva said:

The other day, I was exploring in a sim, and I saw the owner standing stock still, and I thought he was AFK but he wasn't slumped over. I IM'd me and asked about an event, and he said he couldn't show me the event sign because he was dialed up to SL on his phone and couldn't move. But that enabled him to at least talk in IMs, and possible click on groups? And I have had customers tell me they are logged in "on their phone". Not just to their email answering IMs via email, but somehow in SL. Not sure how they are doing this. 

There are a few apps such as Lumiya for Android (although in that one you can move around). They are pretty limited though. But it's at least something if you need to do something chat-wise in SL and can't get to your PC.

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On 12/26/2018 at 10:48 PM, Alyona Su said:

iOS has "SL Notifier" for $0.99 and MetaChat ($3) which supposedly also works with OpenSim and there's even one for IMVU (I didn't even know that was still alive) LOL. I dunno about Android, tho'.

Okay, putting down my own two cents after months of trying to find a lumiya replica and testing sl apps for IOS.

First things first, I would recommend against SL notifier UNLESS you own property in world. Rentals dont count. Aside from having to purchase the app on the appstore, they request that you spend another 500L on a signal beacon in world at their shop. I cant quite think of the proper word to call it, so lets call it a signal beacon for now. Basically the problem here is that the app is useless unless you buy that beacon and rezz it inworld on property that you own. The most it does without that beacon is tell you who’s online at that moment, which you can already do with MP. Even if you do own property in world, the most the app will provide is a chat system. Map is only available to see where your friends are. 

In turn that means I do recommend Metachat, for now at least, since something is better than nothing. Unfortunately though, the app lags quite a bit but I have reason to believe that phase will pass as they’re still sending updates for the app. Theres no extra obligations or anything in world, so that 3$ you spend, thats it. In comparision to SL Notifier, Metachat has a lot more features. You can access your inventory - thus in turn attach/detach items, enable RLV, chat, and blindly move in world. I say blindly because unfortunately unlike Lumiya, you cant actually see the world through 3d lens, just the sim map, coloured dots representing your avie/avies hanging around, and a camera direction from the dot representing you. But again, do note that swapping from chat to chat, or tab can be painful. 

Unfortunately, these are the only two apps I’ve been able to find so far on the appstore. Aside from just now learning about Bright Canopy, which sounds appealing but 17$ for 10 hours is a bit much for me personally. Everything else is just a matter of smart design in order to succeed.

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