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Candice LittleBoots

Just Updated Firestorm .. Got a niggle >>

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I just upgraded Firestorm from an earlier v5 to the current latest - Firestorm 5.0.11 (53634) .

I initially had an issue with the new version freezing and logging me out after about 10 minutes or so, but that seems to have been cured by reducing bandwidth from the previous setting of 1250Kbps down to 800Kbps (Preferences - Network & Files).

The other thing, which is what this post is really about and I hope someone can help me, is that I stop walking to my double-clicked point whenever I click the ESC key as I'm walking. The previous version did not do that, it just alligned my view to the direction I started walking but I kept on walking.

Preferences - Move & View .. there is an option near the bottom for Double-click on land. I always have mine set to Move to clicked point. But the way it used to work has changed and I don't like.

Anyone know how to make it work like it did before re: pressing ESC while walking?

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