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Looking for Partner/Best Friend

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Hi everyone I am amon but my friends call me bunny. I am looking for an RP partner/best friend. What I’m looking for and some info about me is listed below:


avatar name: crescent666 resident 

rl/sl age: 26 in both lives.

Sexual orientation: I am pansexual, so your gender dsnt matter! As long as you’re updated with mesh and you’re not a fury! Male, female, trans, whatever!

things I like to do: photos, blogging, hanging out, exploring, killing zombies, etc.

rp?: yes, I like family rp and would like to join a family and adopt children eventually.

What I’m looking for: I am happily taken in rl, so I am looking for someone who is okay with keeping sl separate from rl. That also means no sex in sl. I am a baby girl sub in rl, and I would like a dom in sl, but I DONT NEED ONE. So if you only want to be rp partners (date, get married eventually, etc) then good! I’m looking for a best friend to do all the things with in sl, so my partner would be more of a best friend then anything. 


Please message me if you want want to meet up and chat! Send me ncs if im offline though Bc my messages get eaten! 


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Hey there, I see you posted the same thing recently. Here is a friendly tip: you can “bump” your existing posts by commenting on them, it shows up in “unread content” that way - instead of posting the same thing over and over!


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