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♡Buddy WANTED♡

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Hi there I chose the word buddy because that's exactly what I'm looking for.. someone who could potential become a close friend. I have been on SL for a few years already and find that it gets harder and harder to meet people as you become older(Maybe its just me :O).I do have very close friends on SL, including a bestie whom I love very much but of course after a few years schedules change, people move on and so on..I am not looking to replace anyone in my current SL just looking for new people to bring into it. I have tried meeting people(by messaging them)...at places  I live, where I shop, where I hang out...it just never really works out. They either ignore me or end up doing so later on lol. It could be that I'm just not NEW bestie material BUT  I choose to believe that I am an exceptional friend who has the following qualities :

♡Great Listener/Adviser

Fun.. I like games , photography, exploring, role-playing... I'm very open minded

Non judgmental... unless you're asking me about an ugly pair of pants but then that just means I'm...

Honest .. loyal!

I love chatting... whether its in IM while we're both doing our own things or in local while spending quality time together

As you can see I love hearts  and all pretty things. I'm very girly and I love shopping with a passion(People who like shopping, events..GACHAS! A plus!!) I blog ever so often and I would love to bring a good person into my SL world.

What I'm looking for is either boy/girl doesn't matter. Human, Vampire, hybrid or anything that resembles a human preferred... although I wouldn't mind being best friends with a pretty unicorn \o/ . Someone who likes going out, whether its shopping or hunts or whatever outside the house BUT loves to stay at home too... Someone I could gossip with and maybe even watch movies with(I love Horror) and just have a great time with. Hopefully someone who wants a best friend too and wants to really connect with someone. Also, they should know some English O.o its the only language I know unfortunately.. ..Honesty... kindness.. trustworthy... all qualities that should define you.

A little more info: Times ONLINE: Usually 8am-4pm SLT and then 10pm- whatever time my heart desires.. I do get busy at times so I might not be able to hang out 24/7 but I do keep IM's open , I love to chat.Please message me on the forums as this is just a SL account I use for modeling, asking questions on the forums and other little things.So I won't be checking IM's as much as the forums..Only then I would love to meet anyone who is seriously interested on my Main Account and see where things go from there : )

I'm going to change things up and see if its better when people contact ME  for a change, I really appreciate anyone reading my post and anyone who decides to respond to it whether its because you're interested or because you have some good advice :)


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I've been around a long time as well but most of my friends have long since moved on. So yeah, I'm in the same boat in that it's difficult to meet people in SL. Feel free to say hi sometime ^_^ It'd be nice to have somefing to do other than tweak my outfits and I'm always up to chit chat. I often leave myself online while afk, but am usually around 10ish est, feel free to say hi sometime if you'd like ^_^

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1141 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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