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"Rent 4 weeks get 1 week Free" , Affordable Land & SkyBox Rentals.

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                                             ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~


Affordable  Parcels for rent. Many sizes and styles. Beachfront , Roadside, Community styles. sizes from Beachfront 8096 meters with 2779 prims, Island parcels 1216 meters with 417 prims, Road side Parcel   2688 meters with 922 prims. Just to mention a  few Land Parcel rentals. 

Then our Multiscene Rentals at the  price of 60L and  our premium 200L weekly with extra prims to use. Many styles to choose from done with  quality furnishings as well as some Role Play scenes to enhance your second life style.

We have skybox rentals from 5L for a place to  log in at and if need prims  add the prim count you want with a  additional fee. Then our  25L on up all done with quality and  style  and very Affordable Rentals.

All rentals have access to open waters for boating and Linden Roads to cruse on.Single and Couples dance ball and  all activities provided for the  residents. 

         ~Sweet Harmony is more then meters and prims ...it's a life style~

Click here to visit our Information Center; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peach/59/184/22

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