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Suki Hirano

Does anyone still have a copy of that free Bomberman arcade machine?

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I'm looking for that fully functional, free, full-perm mesh Bomberman arcade machine that was available on marketplace about a year ago (or earlier). I accidentally deleted my copy of that machine when I was cleaning my inventory. The creator left SL and no longer has a shop on Marketplace or in-world.

I can't remember the creator name, but I remember the machine was playable and not a pose prop or simple URL to some flash game site (use arrow keys or WASD to move or something), upright, and pale blue in colour. It looks like an arcade machine, it's not a simple flat prim or anything like that. It was either called "Bomberman" or "Bomb Man" or some other weird spelling of it.

Does anyone still have a copy of that, and able to send me a copy (since it's free and full-perm)?


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