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Looking For a Teen Daughter

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I'm looking for a Teen daughter who would not mind attending a role play high school and having a little sister. I would prefer if you don't bring in alot of drama and depending on how much I know you rules that I make would shift. There's also an allowance.

Current Rules:

Be Obedient

Be Nice ples D:

No Drama(Maybe a little allowed)

Don't ignore your little sister .-.

Teen Looking Avatar

Dress like a teen

Thats it


Message me inword and Ill try to get back to you as soon as I can

{User: IIgaiaeII}

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Hello, have you tried adoption places in world? Might be better for you to find what you're looking for. Just be careful with alts, if you are constantly active and a kid comes to you with an alt, they might barely never log, I had this happen with former kids a lot.

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I have tried adoption places in world and have found them to difficult or complicated. I'm not looking for a perfect daughter, I'm just looking for one who can fit to most of the rules. The adoption places I tried I have had a bad experience with, so I came to try here.

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