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Alexa Linden

Second Life Winter Deploys

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Happy Wednesday everyone.  This winter has really flown by!  With the holidays in December and the new year we’ve been busy working on all things Web!  Here are a few highlights from the last few months.

  • Place Pages search results now show in a Gallery view which includes the parcel’s image and a short description of the place.  If you have a parcel marked to show in search, you have a Place Page ready & waiting for you to customize!  More information on setting up your Place Pages can be found in the Knowledge Base.

  • Internal and stability updates for Maps, Search, and Marketplace.  These will enable us to do future feature work on these sites.   

  • A fix to address issues with listings unexpectedly getting archived.  Another fix to make sure we don’t charge (and/or refund) PLEs on those listings.

  • Landing pages updates, Valentine’s day themes, Download page update to support 64-bit viewers.


Web User Group Meeting Update

We’ve made a change to our Web User Group meetings.  The meetings will now be held monthly on the last Wednesday of the month at 2:00pm SLT.  You can see the schedule here.  As a reminder, we’ll also be posting about the upcoming meetings and the topic a couple of days before.  For a complete list of User Group Meetings and schedules, please check out Second Life User Groups .

We’ve had great attendance at the last few meetings and we love hearing from you and having you share your ideas and concerns.  As we say in the meetings, the best way to make sure your issues get our attention is through our bug tracking system - Jira.  Whether you need to report a problem or an idea, which you think would better our products, filing Jiras gets them directly to the Product Managers, Developers and QA quickly.


We look forward to seeing and hearing from you.  Have a great Week!

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