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Mesh hair that looks like it's floating?

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Does anyone know of mesh hair that looks like its floating? Either something that looks like its underwater or in a low gravity situation.

I remember seeing this one mesh hair that wrapped around the girl's body like it was under water, but the strands swirling around her torso. But for the life of me, I can't find that picture or the hair! I'm still looking for this one. :/

The hairs I'm looking for are not the same as the ones that are made for poses, like laying down or blowing in the breeze. There is a distinct look of floating(even if its just at the ends of the hair), and most of these hairs are long. 

So, if anyone knows of hairs that might qualify as 'looks like its floating/underwater', would you tell me?

I've already checked out Argrace, Olive, Analog Dog, Truth, Magicka, Tableau Vivant, and No Match.

I appreciate any pointers, thank you!!


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Emo-tions and Exile

Although Tableau Vivant would have been my first stop.  They have many styles like that, but they are gachas, so you are better off looking for them on Marketplace.

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On 2/21/2018 at 11:03 AM, Love Zhaoying said:

Can mesh hair actually be flexi?

(I assume not, but my curiosity is stronger than my common sense/ego.)

No, but it can contain flexi, although usually that ends up looking terrible.

Ways to simulate movement with mesh right now:

  • Bento, though it's highly awkward to simulate hair movement with just bento bones so rarely anyway does this
  • Using multiple copies of the strand, each one in a slightly different shape, then flipping opacity of each one to simulate stop-motion (most common method)

Of course that might change once Animesh is out.

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