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Hiring School Faculty - Nightingale Academy

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Nightingale Academy is a full role play school for ages 12 - 19. This is a character based and story line environment. We will be opening our doors in Spring 2018 and now hiring faculty to join the team. 

Please visit the application link to see what opportunities await for the right candidate.  CLICK FOR APPLICATION

Nightingale Academy Dean

Lola Bailey (lolasirena)



Nightingale Academy is a prestigious school overlooking the small town of Silver County. Primarily farm properties and old family land the Academy sits on the highest hill in the center of town. Originally built by an American silver mining family,the Browns, whose mining tunnels were the source of income for the local families. In 1907 a tragic and nationally covered tunnel collapse fatally killed over 70% of the men working in the tunnels and left families without fathers and husbands. Unable to recover from the tragedy the Browns closed the mines and eventually lost all their riches in the stock market crash.  

William Bailey, a bootlegger would win the estate at a bank auction in 1927 solely for the convenient underground cellars connected to the old tunnels - which he would use to smuggle alcohol during the prohibition era. Mr. Bailey would marry Iris Pardee a distant relative to the Winchester family. Iris was a world winning jumper and would share her love of equestrian sports with her 2nd child.  William and Iris would pass away 7 months apart surviving through their 3 children.

Lola Bailey, the middle child would inherit the estate and transform it into the Nightingale Academy in 1968. With the money her family has invested over the years Lola was able to recruit only the best professors and star equestrian youth to her academy making it one of the most prominent preparatory schools. 

Today the school boasts multiple academic achievements, equestrian trophies, and philanthropic missions - the wealthy throw money to send their kids and the lucky battle to receive full scholarships to attend the Nightingale Academy.

The mixture of elite, middle class, and poor have made the school a mixing pot of diverse backgrounds and interests. The open door policy from all walks of life the academy offers has led to cliques forming within school, friendships, and of course rivalries of differences.


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