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hey, thank you for reading, i've been making animations for a while but i have no idea how to make a animation that moves location, i mean to say say this object is a chair for two people one person is sitting and the other walks around the chair. its the walking around the chair that as confused me i work from blender and have moved location on blender for it to not move in second life at all! could anyone help me?


thanks soph ^^

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It is not clear what you have exactly keyframed for location in your Blender scene. So i will go with a general overview

Location keyframes get exported based on the COG bone in Avastar (i'm assuming you're using that) keyframed relative position to the Origin bone. This is the one on the floor with arrows. That is considered to be the Avatar location, like if your avatar's contained in a box which feet sit exactly where that controller is. This box moves the avatar around while it performs the animations (walk and run in place are an example).

Moving the Oring bone around doesn't affect the animation because the animation is being exported relative to that, location, rotation and scale included. Hence you can't see the movements you designed in Blender: the Origin bone moves in the "world"/scene, but the avatar doesn't, it rather moves within the Origin bone's local space. It keeps doing its thing relative to this bone which, as far as the other avatar's bones are concerned, is the reference object for location, rotation and scale, not the center or orientation of your Blender scene.

To properly animate it, you need to let the Origin bone where you want the avatar's sit target, then animate the turn around. I know it's not as easy as using a parent to draw the path, i'm sorry :)

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