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Bittersweet Desires Hiring DJ´s, Hosts

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Bittersweet Desires Voice Social NightClub is Hiring DJ´s, Hosts. We Have SHIFTS Available!!! All Music is allowed But no no Rap, Hip Hop, Country..
→ All Dj´s, & Hosts receive 100% tips
☑ Reliable: ☑ Friendly & outgoing: ☑ Wants to be part of the family: 
we are furry Friendly , BDSM M/s D/s Friendly, LBGT Friendly, BLOODLINES Friendly
• Seeking experienced Hosts - Hosts are expected to promote the DJ in groups, welcome guests, be friendly and active in local chat (actual chat with people preferred over gestures), 30 days old 
• Seeking experienced Dj´s - must have their own streams, voice, and be able to take requests, 30 days old 
•You can find me in world at Bittersweet Desires Voice Social NightClub and you can TP to our location to find our applications and more information.
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral Cay/189/209/25
Owner -  ᶠᴬᴸᴸᴱᴺᴬᴺᴳᴱᴸ ᴸᴵᴸᴵᵀᴴ ᴺᴬˢᵀᴵᴱ ™ (dee1977):
Co Owner - Violettouch


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