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Hard Drive Memory drop ?!

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Just after I updated the main SL viewer today, I began noticing an unusual drop in my Hard drive memory/space.   It went from around 150 G free to about 15G in one hour.

I thought it was me downloading something or doing work with Autocad.  But it was not.  After I cleaned up some stuff I went back onto SL and bang it was dropping 1 G

from my hard drive roughly every minute.  Checked with the "Geek Squad" online and they could find no problems,  

Anyone else notice this today??? 

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YUP I just dusted off my old firestorm browser and went on line with my lap top and everything was OK.  Then while still on my lap top used the current 2nd life viewer and WAM my memory started to drop like a stone again but on my other computer.  WHAT is going on? 

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