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Freezing/Stuttering frame rates after February 7th update.

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     After an update I received on February 7th I started having so much freezing/stuttering of the frame rate I couldn't walk properly or even turn around.  After fiddling around with the settings and putting them very low I could move around with much less freezing/stuttering than before.  I also noticed that turning on the "basic shaders" adds back the same freezing/stuttering frame rates even on the lower settings.  I had been using my original medium settings all this time without any problems.  I could run, fly, drive and shoot very well.

     I decided to do a reinstall and noticed that there were two 117mb SL Viewer programs installed.  I deleted the more recently installed one, the desktop shortcut disappeared and I couldn't activate the older SL Viewer program.  I then uninstalled that older program and reinstalled the viewer using the SL Viewer I had downloaded in November.  I was still having issues with the frame rate and some time later I got an update that also downloaded a second 117mb SL Viewer program.  This time I uninstalled the first SL Viewer, the desktop shortcut went away and I couldn't activate the second SL Viewer.

     I then uninstalled the second viewer and also deleted the SL Viewer I had downloaded in November.  I went to my dashboard and downloaded the SL Viewer and  installed it.  Some time after installing I got another update that downloaded a second 117mb SL Viewer. 

     Also, I had to adjust some shoes recently and, because I was on the lower settings, couldn't see the axis arrows until I put on the "basic shaders".  I also had to cam very slowly so the frame rate wouldn't freeze.  So now even adjusting objects is harder.

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