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It all depends on how you requested them. Remember, the LindeX is not a shop.  It is a currency exchange.  If you place a request with the Market Buy option, the transaction should be instantaneous, since you are willing to pay whatever the current price on the market may be.  If you placed a Limit Buy order, however, you will need to wait until there are other residents willing to fill the order at your requested price. If you are offering a price that is below what people are willing to accept, you could be waiting for a very long time -- days, weeks, or forever.  Until you understand how currency exchanges work, it's probably smartest to use the Market Buy option, especially if you are only buying less than $50 worth of L$.  I suggest cancelling your current order (on your dashboard at >>> LindeX >>> LindeX Order History).  The money that Linden Lab has been  holding in escrow for that order will be transferred immediately to the USD balance in your account, where it will be available for placing a new order.

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