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Group migration auto invite bot

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Is it possible for auto invite bot to do group migration?

I have a rough idea how to do it but is it actually possible to do?

Idea: There's group "A"(old group from where I would want to move members) and group "B" (to where I want to invite members of group A)

So once the member of group A would land in range it would be auto invited to group B via bot but can bot actually read if the resident is part of group A?

The group would be private so I would want to disclude any random drop and invite only residents that are part of group A.

So in other words the auto invite bot would be a member of both group A and group B but can it read both groups at same time and determine that people from group A should be invited and people from B shouldn't? The "if" rule for group A would basically be inverted.

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Yes, this is very possible using Corrade, and actually fairly trivial too.

If the bot is a member of both groups it can look for membership, invite the av to the new, send an IM and even kick from old.

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