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[Resolved] Need expert help on voice problem!

Draconic Ahn
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Resolved: It was the router after all, since I got another one - it works just fine again. What the problem was I still don't know.

I have had voice for years and years, no problems. Now, since a day or two, it suddenly stopped working. When I try to configure my mic it says "please wait.." and never shows up the green (test)bar. It doesn't want to connect to the voice server as well. When I try to IM call someone, it says Calling, but it never succeeds, I don't hear a ringtone.. no nothing. When someone tries to call me I see the message and can Accept it, but nothing happens afterwards.

I do not have a white dot above my head, and yet everything in preferences is enabled. I did not download any interesting updates on my laptop (neither did Windows). SLvoice.exe does not hang or shows silly statistics on taskmanager.

These are the things I've tried with no result:

Resetting Voice

Cleared all the caches

Uninstalling and Re-installing SL

Restarting the laptop

Using another version and third-party one

System Restore to an earlier date when it actually worked.

Editing and even turning off the firewall didn't work.

Checked router settings and forwarded the ports to be sure, did not help.

Running SLvoice.exe in Windows XP SP3 compability mode...


I'm out of ideas.. anyone can think of what this could be?

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can't tell what OS you're running other than windows... have you checked to make sure it's not been blocked by the default firewall?

turning the firewall off may not unblock previously blocked applications, especially in Vista... in win7 I dunno

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