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1/4 sim 5000 Prim L$3000 Week or 1/2 sim 10,000 prim L$6000 Week

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Why Hello There---

  Our private sim is losing a neighbor. She will be missed and that is the bad news. The good news is that there is land available for rent. 1/4 sim or 1/2 sim is available to be rented out. L$ 3000 each week per 1/4 sim. Full Rights. This is a private estate sim... No Clubs and No Breeding Allowed.  The look of the sim is a country side and should be kept as such. What I mean is no castles or big mushroom trees... If ya know what I mean. The owner of the sim has a full sim platform in the air at 4000m. So if you are looking for cheap land and can live with these rules by all means get a hold of me. Prim count 5000 prim per 1/4 sim, Full rights, manager rights, terraforming allowed. Great neighbors!

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