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Talent Contest ( Second life X Factor )

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First one is going to be Feb  23rd at  8 pm  Second life Time 
 There are 5 judges who all will score each  of the 8 contestants  month compete  on costume music comedy sketch  or singing depending what each person does
Each contestant will get approximatively 10 minutes to do there show they can use props or sing or tell jokes  or dance   
 First place will receive 3k Lindens 
 2nd place  1k Lindens 
 3rd place 500 Lindens
 there will be a voting board for the audience to vote also but the main votes will come from the judges who will give them  points out of ten. 

1-  a number out of 10 points for  use of stage / presence. 
2- a number out of 10 points for confidence
3- a number out of 10 points for theme
4-a number out of 10 points  avatar
5-a number out of  10 for hair and makeup 
6-a number out of 50 for Overall Show & Performance 
 the first place winner will come back in a   Finale  the end of the ten months to compete in one  prize of 10k 

Send a note card  if u have any questions 
 Vibrat0 Resident aka Sugar 

This is on an adult Sim 
 Any Questions Please im   Vibrat0 Resident aka Sugar 


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