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Somewhere Over The Rainbow- Fair & Gacha

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Applications are being accepted for the "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Event from March 2-31.
Deadline for Application: February 17th
This event is to celebrate the Irish in us all. Get lucky with your gifts. This event is open to all designers and creators. Below are the rules:

1) You must have at least 1 10L item.
2) Items sold must be within theme of Lucky, rainbows, St. Patrick's Day, Green. 
3) You can have an exclusive item, it is optional. If you have an exclusive set out, you can sell it in your store once the event is over.
4) Gacha machines can be whatever you wish and machine is yours when event is over.
5) Stores must be set up no later than 2 days before event so we can post the pictures to our blog page to advertise.
6) Your money for your store must be sent to Cajuntease no later than February 23rd.
7) Be sure you have a group open for Event group, you must be in group to have rez tag.
Event Group: secondlife:///app/group/685ce943-7302-d651-a10b-d564a5627852/about

Sponsor (4 spots available): $1000L for 100 prims/ 1 gacha (yours when over)
Regular Store: $400L for 55 prims
Gacha Machines: $100L (yours when event is over)

you can find the application here:

We do not refund if you cancel. If there is an emergency and you can not make it please contact Cajuntease. If you do not contact and your store is empty or money is not paid on the timeline date you will be replaced.

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