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Weight Painting or something else?

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I've been making mesh clothing for a while , about a year, and there is one thing that has been driving me mad the whole time, so much so that I generally avoid creating clothing that includes... shoulder straps.  

I see other creators make clothing with delicate shoulder straps that don'd distort like a runny pancake like mine do and I'm at a loss for how they do it. When I inspect the clothes I see they are very dense with Polygons or rather Triangles, are two sided and sometimes have a Li of a good sized castle. I hope that isn't somehow part of it. 

I use Avastar, and the work flow is to transfer the weights from the body to the mesh item then rig the item to the avastar rig "KeepIng" weights for other than the shoulders it's usually pain free. I smooth weights here and there, lighten in areas that don't need to crumple etc but no amount of painting seems to fix this or , more to the point, I've gone around in circles so many times I need to just ask.   


Below is a pic of what I'm talking about. This is shot from above on the left shoulder, head to the left of the image. Now I can tell that the shoulder bone is pulling at it but ...ya circles I go. So any help would be appreciated. 


Shoulder Weighting.png

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I suppose you're using the weight painting tools only. In the left side panel (T), among the weights tools, you have one called "Levels" and another called "Smooth"


In my case Smooth is greyed out. Levels is a great way to smooth and proportionally shrink/expand the vertex group's size. Smooth does a simpler smoothing. You could try implementing these two tools to smooth out the shoulder areas.

Also, the Fix Deforms button is a good way to help on small areas. Just use it on a smaller selection of badly deforming vertices while  in weight paint mode

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Oh thank you Optimo,

I have used smooth but apparently can't read words like FIX DEFORMS lol,...I'll give it a shot and see.

Thanks again 


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