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Chromebooks use the ChromeOS operating system.  Lumiya is an app for Android devices.  It doesn't work with ChromeOS.  You can, however, use it on an Adroid smartphone or tablet.

It's possible to unbox things using Lumiya, but I don't recommend it.  It's easy to do something wrong.

  1. Select Inventory from the hamburger menu on the left.  
  2. Browse to the boxed item.  Right click it and choose Rez.
  3. The item will rez near you. Switch to 3D view, and long press the item.
  4. Click the "touch" icon
  5. If the box is equipped with an auto-open script, it will offer its contents to you.  I have not tried this with a box that does NOT have an auto-open script; it might not be possible to manually open the box using Lumiya.
  6. Switch to the local chat window and Accept the offer.
  7. Choose where the items will be stored in inventory and click Save.

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Chrome OS users can make use of Play store nowadays. And Lumiya is in the Play store.. I have installed it and it is working,

But I don t have sounds of waves for example.

Till now I can't find no configuration that can activate sounds.

Any suggestion is most welcome..!

You can also write to my emailaddress: hansstam@kpnplanet.nl




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